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QuickBooks Training Classes

Nick Gammill

May 12, 2015

QuickBooks is the most widely used accounting program in the U.S. It can appeal to every size and style of business from small sole-proprietorships to large corporations. Intuit has produced a very user friendly software that changes each year to the demands of its customer base in order to become even more user friendly. As we have worked with QuickBooks over the years, we see that most organizations have the same 4 major problems with their software:

1. Improper use of the software – You purchased the software but you are more on a self-taught basis. While no one would question how smart you are, there is still a lot of things that are involved that the software may not be able to teach you. Things ranging from proper coding of expenses all the way to proper use of accounts payable and receivable.

2. Not utilizing the software to the fullest – QuickBooks is a good tool to use for cash flow. If you use it properly, you can see where your business is, set goals to where you want it to be and how to get it there.

3. Too much power in the hands of the bookkeepers – If you have a bookkeeper and you have given them the rights to every aspect of your QuickBooks then is your business safe? I know what you are saying “He is my cousin/brother and I trust him” or “Jane has been working with me for years and I have known her all my life so I know she would never take from me!” The truth is when opportunity and need arises then anyone can fall prey to theft. You can limit what your bookkeeper’s functions are.

4. Owners are just not involved – You buy the software and hire someone to do the work. You don’t know what is going on, you just watch your checking account and you hope it is done right. Someone turns the data into your CPA for tax filing and then you get this tax return bill that says you owe $3,000 to your CPA for the return. This is unnecessary. Also, if you don’t know about your software and your business then how do you know how well you are doing?

The truth is you need to be informed as an owner. You need to have proper training and your people need to be properly trained. If you put some thought into it you would realize that the money you are throwing away from having your CPA do hours and hours of work could be solved with just basic training then you would see a way to save more money.

That is where we come in. Nick Gammill, CPA, MBA is a certified Advanced QuickBooks ProAdvisor. Our firm, Brammer, Begnaud & Lattimore, CPAs, are now holding 3 different classes to help train on the proper use of QuickBooks. The three classes include:

1. QuickBooks as a cash flow building tool – you will learn about setting up a company, using to-do lists and reminders to keep tabs on your business, Using Accounts Payable and Receivable (which includes checks and deposits) and Bank Reconciliations, loans and transfers

2. QuickBooks Online as a cash flow building tool – The same info as the first class but for the online version of QuickBooks which can be different in many ways

3. Advanced QuickBooks training – learning Reports and how to use report center to produce the info you need, Payroll and how to set up and run it, how to use items and how to properly use inventory.

Even if you have used QuickBooks for years there are still things to learn. You may think you are doing things right but if you took the class you may discover that you have been wrong for a long time. The best part is every class comes with a follow up 30 minute session with Nick as he helps answer your individual questions. You don’t need to get rid of your CPA to take the class, this is a class that is designed to help you with your business and maybe even make your bill from your CPA more affordable.

Let us serve you. If you are interested in a class or even some one on one training time give us a call at the office (409)983-1669 and find out how we can help you.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve you – now and in the future.

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